“I love Taliban” and my conscience is dead!

“Go Amreeka Go” lovers are when asked about America or West, they turn out to be blasting with a loud bang against America and “dying” European morals such as inclusion of gays in mainstream life, more liberal attitude towards women and free speech. I want to ask these neo-fascists and pan-Talibanists about the depleted condition of free speech and treatment of religious minorities in their own countries. Look at Pakistan: where Taliban-supporters can protest on everything under the sun and can issue fatwa against anyone or anything who they deem unislamic and an insult to Islamic identity and can pronounce large bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan or Pakistani Army officials or head of government or ministers.

For an average Muslim, (as it comes to understanding) blaspheming or ridiculing anyone from other religion (please note: when I say other religion it also implies to other sects of Islam) is something good deserving huge rewards from Allah and a high abode in Paradise with prophets. Why don’t we understand that – when we see Dr. Zakir Naik or any other Muslim Scholar blaspheming other religions – this too is a blasphemy as it is sacrilegious for other communities ? We consider it as a matter of pride (and a time of great jubilation)  to see our Scholars (both Talibani and non-Talibani) blaspheming other religions to extract the truth and to show the world that only and only Islam is the right path.

In this post, however, I want to talk particularly about our Pakistani brethren who are living abroad but supporting Taliban back at home. I have been observing such hypocrites since many years. They have left Pakistan to get Masters Degree from Sweden or UK or Australia or Canada and their facebook profiles are shamelessly displaying gratifying slogans for Taliban and their brand of Islam. I don’t know why they went abroad to acquire foreign degrees and to get foreign nationalities when they want Pakistan to be ruled by the theocratic Mullahs. Isn’t it hypocrisy? I remember an ex-friend of mine who is being very supportive of Taliban and was used to come at anyone (with kufar fatwas and threats of Hell) who was used to say a word of  against Taliban or Jamaat-e-Islami. To my utter dismay, rather to get enrolled in some madrassa of North Waziristan, he has now acquired Canadian Nationality and he is now supporting Taliban and Jamaat-e-Islami through his Facebook profile.

We have witnessed horrible acts of terrorism; some preempted such as the one in which Mr. Shahzad was trying to blowup New York’s Time Square. I don’t understand why can’t authorities check on the Facebook profiles and online activities of the immigrants before granting them citizenship? These militant-minded Taliban supporters freely abuse the free-speech in the West by protesting anything that is against their taste and beliefs. I want to ask all those Taliban supporters out there that why the hell you went to USA or any other civilized country when you cannot convert to the morals of western modernism? Who are you to support and facilitate Taliban back at home so that they could usher us to stone age while enjoying the luxuries of Western Life with booze and chicks?

A friend of mine has been arguing about me about Lal Masjid saga with a lot of pomp and hullabaloo. He is a staunch critic of Musharraf and adherent supporter of Lal Masjid bastard Mullah Ghazi. The essence of prejudice to this rosy tale is that he himself has left Pakistan and now studying in Sweden or Denmark and has applied to the authorities for the nationality of one of these Scandinavian countries. I call it worst case of dual-faced hypocrisy, where you are supporting the Mullah who has called for the annihilation of Sweden, Denmark, USA and every western country and you have been residing in Sweden plus – on top of that – you have applied for the nationality… I don’t know what justification do they give to their conscience? Then when you go on asking them about this hypocrisy, they will call you jahil (a cliche meaning illiterate; used by Mullahs when they run out of reasons) and if you still persuade them to answer, they would endup tell you that real way of life is Islam (read: Taliban Islam) and what we are doing is not good. We should be apologizing to God for that… How insane and ridiculous!

I want to ask that friend of mine about his opinion over the “100 lashes in public” punishment for drinking alcohol. I want to ask him about his point-of-view about women drivers (which Mullah Ghazi brandished from roads through a Fatwa and announced from the pulpit of Red Mosque that he is going to throw acid on the faces of women drivers in Islamabad). I want to ask him about his stance on the child-marriage issue (provided that Mullah Ghazi and Taliban think that Ayesha was a nine years old bride so the little nine years old girls can be consummated by striking a deal with their wali) I want to ask him about his stance over women without hijaab and Talibani punishment of stoning them to death for fornication and 100 lashes for dashing out from their home without mehrum and for showing their forbidden beauty in the public. I want to ask that friend of mine about censorship of Taliban and their narrow view of society. I am sure he has no answer.

When you ask these questions from Taliban Supporters, they split into two groups; one claiming that this Taliban Islam is the real Islam and we should adopt it as soon as possible. As we are being bread in sinful western-inspired society, so we  think it’s rigid. The other group prefer pooh-poohing these questions by clinging to lo adri theory. Their usual answer is that they don’t know enough about Islam so they shouldn’t be passing any judgement because it can agitate God to throw them into Hellfire forever… What a joke! Why  God needs to be so illogical that He throws everyone into Hellfire who dares asking for the reason for these barbarian punishments or I would say interpretations of the Holy Book from whom these punishments has been driven?

We have seen and witnessed the huge protests against West and USA on the issue of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet all over Islamic world and Pakistan particularly where they went so violent that the mob destroyed everything that looked western (including English billboards) but when I looked at those caricatures, I didn’t find them offensive and blasphemous! To me they were just the graffiti depicting the description of Prophet by Taliban. Isn’t it true that Taliban deem death for everyone who refuses to confirm to their views by declaring them kafir? Isn’t it true that Taliban believe in sex-slaves (Like Mullah Sufi Mohammed of Swat issued a Fatwa along with Mullah Muslim Khan and his cronies that Taliban fighters are religiously allowed and encouraged to make slaves of the women and children of all those who are supporting the enemies of Taliban). My friend has no answer. He cannot see anything like the frog of the well. Many of our Taliban-supportive friends denounce these kind of foolish fatwas to save his modern face but remain  sticked to the point that Taliban are good people (or more comfortably there are two type of Taliban: good and bad)… Every Taliban is a bad guy. Anyone who believes in such crap is a bad guy.

But still my friend has left Pakistan due to lack of opportunities and is enjoying the freedom of Europe by seeing his drunk friends and their girlfriends or by listening to  the erotic stories of his friends that how did they fuck the White or Asian or Desi pussy. But people like my friend have no guts to answer these questions.

I know you are scared, pal… I know you always will be… You don’t have enough moral strength to call right right and wrong wrong so you are just beating about the bush over Taliban by supporting them and, thus,  hanging from a thin rope which will eventually break… You won’t die or anything but your conscience will be dead… I am not sad on its demise because it died a haram mout.


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