The Quarrel

The bond has been broken and rivals came to clash
Yet they know naught about what was said
Indeed he was closer than a distance of a bow or two
Indeed he was revealed with what it was revealed

Have you seen those who quarrel about if he saw Him or not?
Their minds have been drained of the wisdom therein
Have you seen those who say that our hearts are protected
Nay! It is but a veil that has been casted away

So they see naught
Hear naught
Think naught
Yet they say that they knew all

When it was dawned on him when it was dawned
And it was by the virtue of Him who slumbers not
Haven’t you heard about the teacher of men?
The one who lashes his tongue and hurts other’s hearts

Indeed he will know
So I swear by the constellations of the sky
And the seed when it was sown
They will know soon
When they will see the earth vomiting her treasures
Then they would know that there was a hole in heavens
From where these things came in minds
So wait with me; I am also waiting


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