Great Mind, Greater Minds, Greatest Minds…

The thing is that there are just three kinds of brains (good brains)… Great, Greater, Greatest and every mind has its own abilities. Great minds think good. Greater minds think rationally and Greatest minds not only think good but they are also think rationally by comparing different circumstances. They are able to mold things in their favor. Even if they are of least importance…

So what kind of mind do you have? Simple way to judge it is very simple. If you think good about everyone and think as this nursery rhyme:

pussy cat, pussy cat!
Where have you been

Then you should be assured that you have a great mind… But are you able to think rationally? Are you able to judge the people according to your own understanding??? If yes, then you have a great mind. But the one disadvantage of a Great mind is that many people feel it their religious duty to take advantage of great minds… So, if you are prone to be taken advantage of and you are not able to fend it off all the time means that you have a Great mind but you aren’t using it more rationally.

The last category that I mentioned was Greatest Minds. I remember Socrates saying, “Greatest of all act in silence”… Yes, they act in silence and mold things in their own way. They take advantage of others but very few have taken advantage of them. They not only think rationally but they also transpose the situations in their own favor… Aah, great minds…….


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