PTI’s New Joke: 100 Days Crash Plan

Very recently, a news item along with column of a PTI supporter grabbed my eye. Well, at least, to my utter surprise, my woes were answered and PTI did actually give a, what i would term, manifesto it will be following after getting into the corridors of power. Well, as I have been saying continuously that PTI and Immi K does shout  a lot over the issues that public is facing but fail to present any practical and viable solution of the problems. PTI’s new 100 days crash plan is just a mere jest that sounds like some cheap soap or a depiction of some Star War episode. 100 days crash plan is just like a famous jokes of the past. Well, let’s take a very realistic bird’s-eye-view of the 100 Days Crash plan and see how realistic Imran Khan is in his approach and who is pitching him and what are his motives. Let’s see! Well, I don’t doubt the sincerity of Imran Khan and I very sincerely hope that some retired four stared general is not writing the manifesto of Imran Khan like Hameed Gul who had written infamous manifesto of Islami Jamhoori Ittihad (IJI) of late 80s.

The whole 100 Days Crash Plan (HDCP) can be broken down into these main points:

(1) Imran Khan will pull out Army from all Tribal Areas.

(2) Imran Khan will initiate a dialogue with Taliban and militants and will convene a grand Loya Jirga to settle down the differences with militants (Taliban & Al-Qaeeda).

(3) Imran Khan will create an independent accountability commission to probe into the massive corruption and will direct the energies to the corruption elimination.

Let’s see one-by-one that how much realistic Imran Khan is in his approach mentioned in his manifesto and what are the issues that he is letting behind and how he is confirming to the wishes of powerful establishment that always wants general public to stay away from the luxuries and perks enjoyed by it.

The first point of Imran Khan’s 100 Days Crash Plan envisages a quick withdrawal from the areas where Army is rooting out terrorists and where Army has gained critical successes in war against terrorism. Imran Khan is thinking to pullout from those areas and leave a clear breeding ground for the terrorists that army has scattered from those areas. This is not only foolish but also nearly equal to self-mortification because the successes that Army gained came after she paid heavily for them. We have lost thousands of soldiers in the War Against Terrorism. Terrorists are now attacking very core of Pakistan and killing our own people and Imran Khan is talking about surrendering to Taliban and patronizing the killing of innocents in suicide blasts and bomb attacks.

History shows that whenever this tactical mistake of surrendering and pulling out is made, Taliban and militants regrouped and infested heavy losses on Infrastructure of Pakistan. During Musharraf Era, government did a comprehensive operation  but the mistake that was made was that Army pulled out from the area and Taliban resurfaced and regrouped and gave a real hard time to Pakistan Army that is a professional army and gets nearly 80% of national exchequer. Army not only had hard blows and punches on the face but the reign of terror that Swat saw is an example in itself and a very great lesson for those who have some sense that, unfortunately, PTI lacks. I have been to an event organised by Pakistan Youth Alliance before the Swat operation. I was astonished to see the kind of people turned up there. They were children of powerful elite with their low-waist jeans and spikes and girls in their tight cloths were chanting slogans in favor of PTI and against Swat operation. I was disgusted to the core to see the double-faced hypocrisy of PTI and Khan’s supporters. On one hand – clad in tight jeans and short tee – daughter of famous nationalist Shireen Mazari was talking loudly about the collateral damage and on other hand her hardcore party rocker friends were talking about a pool party at her home the following night. I was not ready to accept the logic behind protecting the Taliban looking forward to bring back dark ages to Pakistan and party rockers of Isloo talking about the party at Shireen Mazari’s big farmhouse.

Taliban are destroying Schools and it has not stopped. They have openly declared their motives regarding Pakistan. Their public face (Hizb-e-Tehrir) is openly talking about outdated Caliphate system and reign of terror on free people. I cannot understand what Imran Khan is thinking when he is talking about pulling back army and giving time and space to Taliban to regroup. But this time, Let Khan know, that Taliban will be more powerful and moral of foot soldiers of Army will be bottom low and I am not even sure that if army will be able to defeat and push back Taliban to their safe heavens. War-torn KPK cannot sustain another political blow and another bound-to-be-failed political experiment. It is alarming that extremism and fanaticism in Pakistan is on rise and it is providing ample opportunity to Taliban of recruitment and implementation of their version of Islam. Extremism in Faisalabad and Hizb-e-Tehrir’s wall chalking in Islamabad should be a lesson for those who are supporting the pullout from Tribal Areas. We have stated before that how Imran Khan twists the history of Tribal Areas. We wrote a detailed post on the real history of Tribal Areas and their role as mercenaries of British Army.

Pullout from Tribal Areas mean that the small factions of Tribal people who are considered as pro Pakistan will come under enormous pressure from mainly Anti-Pakistan TTP and will eventually surrender to them. This would create a de-facto autonomous Taliban State. Students of history know that Peshawar that is provincial capital of KPK will come under enormous pressure from all sides as it is surrounded by now less hostile tribal areas. We can see clearly that Taliban’s motive will be to enforce Taliban Islam in provincial metropolis, thus, declaring Taliban version of Islam an official religion of KPK. As Imran Khan is saying that he will pullout from all Tribal Areas within 100 days, this means that he is surrendering to Taliban and giving them keys of Pakistan’s North West as a gift to spare his government and not to mount pressure on it. Imran Khan is not realizing that Taliban are not only problem of KPK and Tribal Areas alone. Due to mismanagement by government regarding IDPs and especially intentional mismanagement by Two Sharifs on the pressure of Spiah-e-Shaba’s activist Rana Sana Ullah Taliban have spread all over Pakistan and  have sowed the seed of extremism not only in Southern Punjab but also in Faisalabad and other important urban centers of Punjab. Pulling out from Tribal Areas means that you are creating a really safe Safe Heavens for Taliban and they will coordinate operations in Punjab and Islamabad. Sources say that Taliban are now looking for an opportunity to capture at least a part of Islamabad (let’s say sector I-10 where Taliban are sowing extremism through Islamist parties and cronies). Taliban are not foolish now.

Taliban are not under control of one single entity as they were during 80s and 90s. They are now largely independent warlords fighting for money and getting enormous funding from RAW through Middle East facilitators. I am seeing clear hand of Hameed Gul faction of ISI in the agenda of Imran Khan. Sources say that Hameed Gul faction of ISI is actually pitching Imran Khan in Urban Punjab and Clean League that is going to be launched in coming September in rural Punjab after seeing Mr Sharif’s different attitude towards Army and his heavy reliance on Chief Justice. Hameed Gul faction of agencies has now envisaged PTI in power in Urban Punjab and Clean League in rural Punjab to so that they would practice the politics of ideology. One should not be surprised to see that the same slogan of the politics of ideology has been adapted by Zia ul Haq (who gave birth to Taliban through illicit union with CIA). Well, a faction in agencies is seeing that outdated strategic interests can be used in this 21st century . This should be very clear to us now that Taliban will not waste the opportunity of paralyzing the system of government. They will surely regroup and capture the areas in their reach. Imran Khan who is talking about pulling out from Tribal Areas doesn’t know that now the friendly Taliban in Afghanistan are working in tandem with TTP and attacking Pakistani border villages of Bajaur Agency. This should be a wake-up-call for all those who are supporting pullout. This is another thing that if Imran Khan is  actually giving the areas in a wrapped packet to TTP.

Rather to talk about introduction of democracy and mainland laws in Tribal Areas, Imran Khan is actually patronizing with the criminals and actually giving an edge to criminals. We all know that all links of terrorism, extortion, abduction, car lifting, looting links go back to Tribal Areas and it is no secret. Imran Khan is actually talking about giving free heavens to those people rather to implement mainland laws in this lawless region. The plans of Taliban are not hidden. Sources say that they are looking forward to any opportunity to get back into Swat Style Rule. Very unfortunately, Imran Khan is providing them one. I have not forgotten Mullah Ghazi’s sermons and death threats in Islamabad. I have not forgotten about the Fatwa of Mullah Ghazi about throwing the acid on the faces of women drivers. I have not forgotten about the Fatwa of Taliban that it is lawful to make sex-slaves of the women of people who are against Taliban. By surrendering to them, you are actually surrendering to the system. What say does PTI and Imran Khan has on it?

Well, Imran Khan is envisaging a dialogue with militants and talking about convening a grand Loya Jirga. The option seems a bit sane if it is carried after the successful elimination of Taliban mindset and militant producing factories. The option itself is not a bad idea if it is carried out after the closure of Suicide Bomber Factories in FATA. But Imran Khan is talking about pullout from Tribal Areas and dialogue with Taliban. I have already mentioned that the cornerstone of every dialogue process is common ground. What common ground does Imran Khan hold with Taliban? This is a very valid question. Taliban (including good and bad both) have one-point agenda of implementation of Taliban Shariah in Pakistan. This means that loads of women will be lashed in public as it happened in Swat. Loads of people will be hung from the light poles in main squares of the cities just like Green Chowk of Swat. This means that more Schools will be destroyed and more women will be stopped from attending Schools and extremist seminaries will see an exponential increase. I want to know what common ground does Taliban hold with Imran Khan unless Imran Khan is promising them an interference-free Tribal Sanctuary and Jihadi factories and recruitment centers all over Pakistan?

Life of Imran Khan is no secret. I want to know what common ground does Imran Khan hold? Does Imran Khan want implementation of Shariah Law in Pakistan? Taliban who have been very vocal about their objectives in major cities have told explicitly that their mission is Shariat or Shahadat.  So what Imran Khan is giving them during the Dialogue Process? I assume that Imran Khan HAS to give them de-facto autonomy. This means that Taliban will promulgate Swat-Style-Taliban rule in the areas that would go under their control. I want to know what is the moral credibility of Imran Khan here? On one hand this former playboy and his group of drunken elites like Shireen Mazari and retired Ziaists are imposing strict Taliban Laws in some areas of Pakistan and they themselves are enjoying the toast of wine and whiskey!

Well, if this is the case then the imposition should start from Imran Khan himself. There is a lot of photographic evidence suggesting about the type of life Imran Khan has been living and had lived previously. PTI supporters blast with loud bang when you speak about the character of Imran Khan. This should be of no surprise that Imran Khan who is very much pro Taliban and suggesting pullout from Tribal Areas and giving autonomy to Taliban along  is no different than Bill Clinton and other public figures. His character should be judged accordingly. Imran Khan’s affair with Sita White is no secret. Her bastard child is still living in USA. And not to mention that his recent wife Ms Jamiama Khan has reconverted to Judaism. According to Taliban Islam, she must be killed because she has become an apostate. And what about Imran Khan?

Imran Khan must be stoned to death for having illicit affairs with many women along with Sita White according to Shariah Law. Where does this go? Why do you want to see majority of Pakistanis living under the shadow of terror and gun-totting Taliban and you enjoying toasts in your farmhouses and throwing pool parties? I have already mentioned about the appearance of Shireen Mazari’s daughter and the pool party that she was planning after the intense discussion on Swat Situation. I have been to corner meetings of PTI and have seen the kind of guys and girls turn up there. Most of them are, unfortunately, from privileged class of this country who are living in oblivion. Imran Khan’s dialogue with Taliban is bound to be a failure because Taliban will recapture the areas that Army gained from them and their options are simple and open: Become the part of Shariah of Taliban and support its implementation or die! So what Imran Khan has chosen? Does anyone know?

Like IJI of 80s and Nawaz Sharif of 90s, Imran Khan is promising a commission for the accountability of corrupt politicians. Well, again it has no mention of the corruption and hefty budget allocations to army without any check. This commission is just a jest that Imran Khan will make to divert the mind of people from real issues. The only difference that this commission will make is that this time Nawaz Sharif’s League will also be targeted. Well, of course, Two Sharifs will forge another deal with agencies and Generals and will run away for another, let’s say, 10 years but the small loyalists of PML (N) will taste what does it taste like when you are going through accountability process that is actually for the settlement of personal grudges. This should be of no surprise that certain judges of Supreme Court (my sincere apologies) are involved in this mugging and they are working in tandem with PTI  and agencies and seeing post-Iftikhar era. The report of commission on the murder of Saleem Shahzad and criminal silence of PTI on this issue should be a wake up call for the supporters of PTI.

This is just to divert the mind of people from the real issues. This folly cannot work at least for me! Imran Khan has not told us yet that what he is thinking about the worst fears of macro economists in Pakistan? Growing Circular Debt? Jobless Population? Lack of clean drinking water even in Federal Capital? Growing Power Shortfall? Growing Shortage of Natural Gas? Thar Coal Reserves Utilization? Balochistan Uprising and Formula for the sharing of resources with Provinces? Succession of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan? Saraiki Province? Hazara Province? Where is Khan’s say on these real issues? Obviously punishing corrupt politicians is not a day’s or 100 day’s process! Public is in dire need of urgent relief that Imran Khan is not talking about. Imran Khan is trying to create a society where Police will ask for the Nikkah Namas of the couples and will sniff their mouths for the smell of Alcohol and elite class of this country will dance in the pool parties thrown in the farmhouses of Chak Shahzad and Bani Gala in Islamabad!!!

What is your say on real issues of the public? HDCP is just a mere joke to me that is enough to fool crazed crowds! Whole manifesto that Khan called HDCP is foolish and ridiculous. What are you talking about? Hello! Pakistan is in dire need of Electricity and people want relief! Growing circular debt, dying institutions and rotting infrastructure are real issues of Pakistan! Corruption is, of course, an issue but when you have a clean team then corruption will come down automatically. However, punishing corrupt politicians is not a day’s process. We need relief not sweet-coated poison.

We have not seen another implication of pullout from Tribal Areas. So far, the official policy of Pakistan Army is that no foreign boots will be allowed on Pakistani soil. With pullout of Desi Boots from Tribal Areas, Imran Khan will enable USA to take punitive action against the militants in Tribal Areas. Well, it is clear policy of USA that America shall take action against the militants if Pakistan will not. So is our Imran Khan fool that he is actually giving chance to USA to take on the flag of War Against Terrorism with American Boots? If you will not take any action and pullout from Tribal Areas and protect their sanctuaries then world will take action and will destroy our bum that we brag of always! What a shame that our bum requires protection and is not protecting us!

Please Khan, FOR GOD’s SAKE, have mercy on us! Don’t use the backdoor of Establishment and forge an alliance with Clean League and talk about the real issues of Pakistan. I am sure if you will then you will be able to steer Pakistan out from these troubled waters but if you will pullout and give edge to Taliban then you will be rooted out along with Pakistan.

We have seen that HDCP of Imran Khan is nothing but a jest and it’s failures can be summoned into below mentioned points:

(a) After pullout from Tribal Areas, Taliban will resurface and Good Taliban too will openly embrace their Bad brothers.

(b) Negotiations require a common ground whereas there is no common ground with Taliban as they are working on one-point-agenda of implementation of Taliban Shariah Law in Pakistan. I am sure that PTI’s party rockers will run away from Pakistan after occupation of Taliban and general public will face what people in Swat faced.

(c) Pakistan’s real issues are Electricity, Growing Circular Debt, Gas Shortage, Water Shortage and Joblessness. When you have a clean team then corruption will go down automatically so crash program to punish the corrupt is not as important as addressing these problems.

(d) Imran Khan’s new alliance with Clean League of establishment is now an open secret for those who know. Imran Khan should act with insaaf and should not use backdoor for entry into the chambers of power! It will be against the moral values!

(e) Imran Khan is following the directions of Hameed Gul faction of agencies and it is turning out to be Islami Jamhoori Ittihad of late 80s. Imran Khan should read the history and learn lessons from it.

(f) If American aid would cease then how does Imran Khan will run the country without money? China has already said that it will not clean the mess as Americans are doing. This has been published in leading paper Dawn. Arab brothers will not embrace poverty because of Pakistan and it is an established fact. So where will you take your Pak Army? How you will cope with the budget? What will you do when 1 piece of bread would cost Rs 50?

(g) Pulling out means that you are actually surrendering to Taliban so what about the inevitable foreign action in Tribal Areas and this time with foreign boots? Imran Khan has no say about the strategy that he would follow when Pakistan will be isolated! Where will you go when world will show its back on you? Saudi Arabian Princes will go to Washington and tell you to comply with international community. Taliban will be capturing the areas and advancing towards Federal Capital and you will be all isolated!

(h) Imran Khan has no say on Balochistan uprising. So far, he has not given any crash plan to resolve the differences between provinces and center on the issue of the resource sharing.

(i) Imran Khan has not given any crash plan for the Kalabagh Dam. This is the same Dam around which Khan owns tremendous properties.

Where are the solutions? I want to know!!!


12 thoughts on “PTI’s New Joke: 100 Days Crash Plan

    • RK says:

      True that every person has a price so your Imran Khan is buying Lotay en mass. LOL


      Imran Khan Murdabaad
      PTI k LOTO Pe Lanat Lanat Lanat

  1. HnA says:

    his sita white case came out in the open so he is not eligible to do something good for this country, what about those politicians who do worse than this and still act like bloody saints. what about nawaz sharif n tahira saeed? pervaiz musharaaf n atiqa odho? n dnt even get me started on zardari n God knows hwo many other vulgur acts they have done. having affair is so bad, corruption isnt? well atleast imran khan is not corrupt… this is the porblem you guys cant do any good for this country n those who want to you just have to push them back.

  2. Tariq says:

    i hate fake propaganda but this has opened my eyes…Imran Khan is not our leader..we wanted IMRAN KHAN to be the next PM of PAKISTAN BUT NOT ANY MORE…..


  3. Imran khan is talking just nonsense. He has no plan and busy in buying lotas, and whichever lota joins him he gets a clean chit. And the whole world knows the kind of character imran khan is having affairs with countless women. I am sure the youth of Pakistan will not be fooled by this hypocrite.

  4. Maqsood Ahmad says:

    When the 24 years old girl was asked as to why she proposed 62 years old Imran Khan? The girl replied,” Jab mein 5 saal ki thee to meray abboo faut ho gai, Imran se shadi kar k shohar ki mohabbat k saath baap ki shafqat bhi milay gee”

  5. Maqsood Ahmad says:

    Imran Khan has the lust for power only, his intentions have been exposed in the dharna. He never asked the Govt to reduce prices of electricity, fuel and other essential commodities eversince the start of dharna.
    Now the situation is Qadri gone, Imran to go.
    Ro Imran Ro

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