RAW’s Agenda: How to capture Pakistan without direct war?

Indian Establishment has been running cunning programmers since the birth of Pakistan. The Indian Establishment’s views about Pakistan can be determined well from the official statements of Indian National Congress’ low-ranking officials including those who instigated the communal violence in Punjab and Assam.  Of course, unlike Pakistan, we had a very dedicated team of professional policy makers who were utterly nationalist to take on the goals. Unlike in India, the team that was responsible for the creation of Pakistan was sent to heavens. Jinnah died in a year after creation of Pakistan. His sister was killed. Liaqat Ali Khan was shot dead. A.K.M Fazlul Haq was jailed on the account of high treason and so on.

On the other hand, Indians were developing methodologies to slowly poison the union of Pakistan through several means and to achieve the long-awaited Hindutva dream of Akhanda Bharata. The RAW’s stooge in Pakistan for this mission is INFAMOUS GEO TV. Let’s see through a block diagram that what the mission of RAW is.


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