Ramazan – Brazen Chastity of Coy (or perhaps the other way around.)

Let’s face it; our condescending approach towards Ramazan and whole fiasco of chaste is pretty devious. We on one hand claim to be proponents of pink socialism (no matter how discrete,) yet when it comes to this very month we change our approach about everything. There is a catastrophic ambiguity in our take and disdain for our own selves. At certain level we all have to make our peace with the fact that we are damned (apparently). It has nothing to do with our hypocritical endeavor to prove ourselves a separate entity from the devil; that is locked up in an abyss somewhere in the deep river or ocean which consequently gives us a delusion of being a victim rather than fiend. We have to stand up for what we have become or are pursuing to be. Not to admit that we are evil but to embrace the fact that it is us who is often uncontrollable and end up in bed of another unorthodox butterfly.

And by the way if we are able to control ourselves during this whole month, why are we unable to control it during the rest of the year. What is so special about this month..? We are not as afraid of ONE’s wrath right after having a site of thin moon of Shawaal, right?

Maybe we still try to keep up with the rest of the sane world. Maybe, we want to hold on to the hope that we will be delivered. Maybe we to certain level are prune to hate our own guts. However we cannot deny the fact that we wait like anything for that emergence of the thin moon over the skies. Some day we will realize that our propensity of chaste was nothing but a gimmick; to ourselves and to the notions of social/moral/religious traditions we are bound.

In spite of all the rational propositions, somewhere in our minds we still presume we will be delivered, or perhaps we never think of it. We go with the flow; we turn into one of those sly arthropods who try to cash in blessings by reforming for one month, just to go back to where they were right at the end of it. We need a firm approach either to embrace of who we are or to completely cut it out of our lives. Yet both are trivially ideal situations which perhaps a normal human isn’t capable of to achieve. I just sometimes wonder how would have I been if I was completely unaware of the complicated questions such as this, but then I would have been ignorant and would have been part of the herd. Here comes the paradox how am I so sure I am not a part of herd..? But I guess every statement carries a question mark with it; just another perspective as eloquently put as possible and rational for that matter. Shame on us; Shame on archaic human superficiality and limited capacity of not being able to look beyond social spoon-feeds and/or personal avariciousness.

C’est la vie


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